Boston Logan International Airport is also known as General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport and it is the main airport that operates in Boston city, Massachusetts United States.

On June 13, 1923, on the small airfield that was known as Boston Airport, the first aircraft of Boston touched down on a 1,500-foot long cinder runway. The U.S. Army built it on 189 acres of tidal flats (Massport). The airport was opened on September 8, 1923. World War I pilots from the 101st Squadron, 26th Division Air Service of the Massachusetts National Guard used the airfield in 1923. It was mostly used by them and the Army Air Corps and was owned by the U.S. Army until 1928 when ownership was transferred over to the Massachusetts Legislature. In 1925 the first commercial hangar was built by Boston Aircraft Corporation and in 1927, Colonial Air Transport made the first scheduled commercial passenger flights and the flight was between Boston and New York City. Then, in 1929, the City of Boston finally took control of the airport and signed a 20-year lease with the state. National Weather Service made the airport's weather station to the official point for Boston's weather observations and records on January 1, 1936. Then, in 1956 the legislative body created Massport, and soon after the state took control, Boston’s City Council placed the airport under the jurisdiction of the Parks Department (Massport). As a result, it took over the ownership and operations of the airport in 1959. They immediately made several improvements to the airport and it was for the best for the development and growth of the airport. They lengthened the runways, paved and landscaped the access roads, added administration building, and also they reclaimed two hundred more acres of land from Boston Harbor to get filled in. In the same year, the airport was officially renamed to the Lieutenant General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport. Logan was expanded to its current size between 1964 and 1974.

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