Newest Word Counter Just Released 2020

Generally, the word count is the number of words typed in a passage of text or other types of documents. Word counting is a quite essential and handy tool that is especially needed when a text is required to stay within a specific number of words, characters, or symbols.

How important is the Word Counter tool

Wordcounter is accessible both as a web-based online tool or as Microsoft Document word counter, which can help people with their writing. Using a word counter tool is vital if you are required to write some characters, sentences, words, pages, and paragraphs. Word counter tool can count these characteristics of your text in real-time. You can either use a web-based or MS word document version, and it depends on what's more convenient and accessible for you.

Word counter tools may mainly be necessary to use for those people who work in academia, work with legal proceedings, are part of the writing, journalistic, and advertising fields, or solely for researchers and students who need to keep a certain number of words in their texts. Besides, word count is commonly used by translators who, for instance, have to determine the price of a translation job. Moreover, word counts may also be used to count and calculate measures of readability, along with measuring reading and typing speeds (usually in words each minute). In many workplaces, people are often expected and even required to write pieces of specific lengths at times, for instance, secretaries, lawyers, etc.

Word Counter tool is popular within bloggers and content writers, who could be writing an article or a short text for someone else, where the word count is crucial, but even if it is for their site or blog, this word counter tool can be ideal for SEO too. Furthermore, the word count is frequently used by teachers and students as well. Students, especially, are often expected to write assignments with a certain word count. As a lecturer or a teacher, you can use this word counter tool to ensure that your students' assignments and essays are the correct lengths.

What are the features of Word Counter

Word Counter tool is easy to use the platform in which you can directly paste in text from anywhere, or you can type right into the blank document (in case of MS word document) or in a box (in case of the web-based platform) to see how many characters you used.

Most of the web-based online word counter tools have the following features that give more possibility to its users to work and finalize their work with the help of this tool, for instance, word counter can count contextually right based on length of your text. It also offers character, symbols, and word counts with and without spaces (Note that some of the online word counters allow only word count, not characters, pages, etc.). In most cases, word counters do not limit the amount of text the platform can count (for instance, you can even paste the entirety of the book pages into Word Counter if you like). Some word counter tools have a keyword density tool, which shows the most frequently used terms along with their word groups. Word counter tools won't remove any spaces or formatting so that users can read their text on the screen without having to download it for preview.

An online / web-based Word Counter tool

Online web-based word counters are ideal for anyone who needs to keep a count of their words, symbols, and characters but do not use Microsoft Word document. Imagine writing a text and then having to count the words manually, it will take most of your time. However, here is an excellent chance that all writers should use. The online word counter tool is also a unique way to assess your words per minute, typing speed, and rate. There are various word counter tools throughout the internet, some of them provide multiple features, free of charge use, and many other benefits, while others have limited use of counting.

How to use MS Word Document for word counting

A word processor, also known as Microsoft Office Word document, provides a feature to allow users to count and determine the number of words in a text written in an MS Word document. Microsoft office word document not only allows users to calculate the word number but also counts characters. It is essential to know how to use MS word for word and character counting whether you are a business owner, writer, or need to detect text characteristics.

To count and determine words and characters with the help of Microsoft office word document, you have to follow the below-listed steps to use the MS Word document tool properly:

Step 1 - You should open a blank document in Microsoft Office Word and start typing the text. However, if you have already written a text, or want to check any text (for instance, article, assignment, book, etc.), you have to copy the text and then paste it in MS word document. Another way is to click the button of "File" then press "Open," after which a pop-up window will appear, then you have to choose the file you want to count.

Step 2 - After pasting the text on the blank document, you have to click the tab - "Review."

Step 3 - Next, you have to go to the "Proofing" section and then press the button of "Word Count." Once the Word Count pop-up window appears, it will immediately display the numbers of words and characters in the document, with and without spaces.

Step 4 - Finally, once you check and count the words, you should press the "Close" button in order to close the “Word Count” window.

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