Boston Airport has four passenger terminals - A, B, C, and E. All flights to Boston from U.S. territories, Canada, and Ireland that is included as an exception of flights from destinations with U.S. Customs and Border Protection preclearance, all ingoing international flights arrive at Terminal E for customs screening because the other terminals do not have customs screening facilities. Shuttle buses and the SL1 branch of the MBTA Silver Line BRT connects all terminals, and in addition, there are moving walkways between Terminals A, B, and E, which are also connects parking spaces to terminals. Massport eventually plans to connect all terminals and gates post-security, thus providing seamless connections between flights from different terminals.

Terminals Map

Terminal A was opened in 2005, and it was one of the most interesting buildings at Boston Airport. This Terminal was designed by HOK Architects; it is a global firm that designs all types of projects from large government and commercial buildings to residential and recreational facilities. The Terminal A is the first terminals that became LEED certified and the first certified terminal at a US airport. LEED certified buildings are energy efficient and responsible use resources like materials sourced from water usage or recycled materials. Terminal A is still trying to use every aspect to improve the energy efficiency and promote sustainability. The best improvement that was made and has a great impact is the solar trees at the top of the parking garage. Other important updates that have contributed to LEED certification include new wind turbines in terminal A’s offices and improvements to the roof and roadways of the terminal, which reduces the effect of heat island effect and stormwater runoff.

Terminal A

Terminal A is divided into the main terminal and the satellite building, which are connected through an underground walkway. The Main Terminal has gates from A1 to A11 and it has two different Sky Clubs owned by Delta, it is the main airline at Terminal A and currently operates in 16 gates. The Satellite Concourse has gates from A13 to A22. Both buildings are connected by the underground walkway. The Main Terminal consists of two levels. The Level 1 is for arrivals area that contains baggage claims and ground transportation. The Level 2 is Departures area. The Concourse Satellite has three levels. 

Terminal B

Terminal B has a couple of buildings such as the North and South, and they are located in Level 1 and Level 2. Level 1 is the Arrivals and Baggage claim level; it is divided between the North and South buildings. Level 2 is the Departures and Check-in level, and like Level 1 it is also divided between the North and South buildings.

Terminal C

Terminal C has three levels. The Level 1 is for Arrivals area and where baggage claims 7-9 are situated. The Level 2 is the Check-in and Departures area and where the check-in facilities are situated and the Level 3 is the boarding area with its Northwest gates C11-21, Northeast gates C25-36, Southeast gates C40-42, and Southwest gates C8-10.

The Terminal E is known as John A. Volpe International Terminal, it was named after the former Governor of Massachusetts and US Secretary of Transport. It has three levels and hosts only international flights. The Level 1 is a Ground level and is used for Arrivals and customs via US Customs and Border Protection. The Second Level is for Departures and is used for US Customs and Border Protection. E1a, E1b, and E2 are its gates. And the last 3rd Level is used for Departures and Check-in with gates E4-E10.

Terminal E

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